by Bill Hadlow

Hamilton, Montana
February 16, 2007

Dear Dr. Hörnlimann,

         Thank you for a copy of Prions in Humans and Animals.  From my first hurried look at the book, it is clearly evident that you devoted much time, effort and thought in making this English version so cemprehensive.  It is truly a superb book about prions and the diseases that come with them.  I congratulate you on your scholarly effort.  Well done indeed.

         You and your co-editors are most generous in remembering me in the book's dedication.  I am grateful for the sentiment.  Actually, I have had but a small role in the greater TSE story as it has unfolded over the last 50 years.  From my position, now mainly on the sidelines, it has been most satisfying to watch what has happened during that period.  I had not even the slightest inkling, at the time, what my letter to Lancet in 1959 would bring about.

         I have been retired from government service for almost 20 years.  After doing a little consulting during that period and a nearly 10-year stint working with Gerald wells in England on BSE, the time has come to call it quits for good - no more professional acitvities.  So my contributions to the book represent my parting shot in writing about the TSEs.  I am pleased it appears in Prions in Humans and Animals.  There is no better place for it.

         Other long-time interests now occupy what time remains for me.  I will be 86 in April, so time is indeed running out.

         It has been a real pleasure working with you on the book these last several years.  And I thank you for all your kindnesses during the venture.  May you continue to have good fortune in your work.

         With best wishes.


                                                                                          Bill Haldow


William J. Hadlow
908 South 3rd Street
Hamilton, Montana
MT 59840–2924